About Us

Bidwell Technologies, Inc. started in 2009 with the idea of “value add” development of products already in the market. “Let’s make it better” has become our daily mantra.

Our revolutionary advances in consumer electronics has provided high quality technology which has allowed us to produce different consumer electronics products, ranging from high-end TV’s to superior sound audio products, all competitively priced, all made to stand the severities of everyday use. We now are very excited to expand our product line to include Android Tablets sold under the Nobis brand.

Our products are tested for durability, dependability, and user-friendliness using a quality control protocol applied during production, after production, and before launching. Bidwell products are designed in US, and offering an array of color fashion options to match your personal style. We encourage and want consumer-feedback to play an integral part in all of our product designs.

With three research and development center located in Los Angeles, CA (USA), Suzhou and Shenzhen, China and four manufacturing partners in China, Our mission is to offer consumers a broad selection of products loaded with the latest and greatest features at affordable price.

We pride ourselves on elegance and technological innovation, as well as reducing our effect on our environment. We use power-conscious facilities, our environmentally-friendly attitude is carried throughout our company and production locations. We require and take an active part in urging all businesses globally to think about the environment and the world we live in, and further our vision of a greener earth by setting an example ourselves.