The APK (such as application software and games etc.) are installed in the device. Not in the memory card. Some apps can be partially transferred to the SD card.

Note: that if the SD card is removed the APP will not function. Applications stored in the SD card usually will not work after time. The SD card is used to store personal files such as pictures, music, word docs, movies, and books.

  1. Go to the Explorer App > Internal memory > select desired file to transfer > click Multi icon if more than one file will be transferred > click Editor, a menu will pop up > select Copy, the pop up menu will go away > click HOME, to return to main menu > select SD Card > Select the folder in the SD card desired > click Editor, a menu will pop up > select Paste. A transfer window will indicate the transfer of files


  1. Whole files may not be transferable in select units. If this is the case, go to Explorer/ File Manager > Internal Memory > e.g. Open the Picture File (DCIM) and transfer picture files one at a time to the SD card.
Please go to Settings > Storage > USB Computer Connection (three dots on upper right) > select MTP mode (or cancel and select again)
Apps and Widgets for the tablet can be purchased or downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY (Click on the Google Play™icon, or go to play.google.com).
The reason the device shows less memory than is claimed, is because the actual Android Operating System takes up some space on the tablet. The memory that is shown as ‘available’ is the remainder memory after the initial installation of the Operating System and default apps. We try to minimize the space taken by the OS, by using fewer preloaded apps. Our objective was to make your experience as smooth as possible.
If your tablet is unable to connect to the internet, please check the following:


Check and make sure your Wi-Fi setting on your tablet is ON.

Verify you’re SSID and passwords are correct on your router.

Check and make sure your Firewalls are not blocking your tablet to connecting the tablet.

Your wireless router must support Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. If your router supports 802.11n make sure its configured to accept 802.00b/g.

For NB 1022, tablet must be off


Press and hold the Power button and the Volume (-) button together until “Nobis” appears.

As soon as Nobis is displayed release both buttons.

Wait for 15 seconds for the recovery menu to appear.

Use the Volume Down (-) to highlight Wipe Data/ Factory Reset. Then press the Power button to select it.

Another menu should appear. Use the Volume Down (-) to highlight Yes– Delete All User Data. Select using the Power Button.

Wait for the tablet to finish wiping/resetting/formatting user data.

Once finished a menu will appear again, press Power Button once the option “reboot system now” becomes available.

It should shut off and restart again, this takes about 7-10 minutes to restart.


Make sure the WI-FI setting on your tablet is set to ON.

Verify you’re SSID and password is correct on your router. (Typically, you only need to set this one time and the Tablet will remember it in the future.)

Check that your Firewalls are not blocking the tablet from connecting to the Internet.

Note: your wireless router must support WI-FI 802.11b/g. If your router supports 802.11n make sure it’s configured to accept 802.00b/g. To assure that you are making the correct text entry enable SHOW PASSWORD located below the password entry.


No. However, it’s usually a good idea to charge the Tablet before it reaches 5% power. When the battery is low a warning message will prompt you to plug the Tablet into power. Note that connecting to AC power will charge the unit faster than via USB power.
Go into SETTINGS, then PERSONAL; under LANGUAGE & INPUT select LANGUAGE. Select the language you want displayed.



  1. Make the password “visible” when typing it in and be in the same room as the router. Double check the name of the router they are trying to log in to and make sure it matches the name of the router that was provided to them.
  2. Double check the password number which is usually listed on the bottom of the router (Most providers will give you a small card with the password listed.)
  3. Reset the router , some home routers usually run out of IPs after 5 or 6 IPs have been generated so the IPs have to be refreshed.
  4. Turn off all electronic items that are sharing the router (X-Box, Blu-ray players, PCs, laptops, etc.)
  5. If the password has been personalized and they are not sure what it is, then please call your internet provider for assistance
  6. Take the tablet to a neighbors, or Starbucks or McD or work and try to log in into their free network.
  7. In some cases the tablet cannot find your Wi-Fi, but it does find neighbors signal, if this is the case, then please call your network providers because your router could be set to “invisible mode” or you may need assistance when going into the “Add Network” option


NOTE if the tablet does log in to the router and the Wi-Fi antenna strength icon is white or gray instead of blue, then this means that the tablet is connecting to the router but the router is not giving the tablet access to internet. (So the problem is in the router, go back to step 3)


We recommend you update your firmware whenever it is available. In order to receive new update, please Keep your Auto Check Update on, in “Settings” –>”About Tablet” –>”Firmware Update” –> “Check Now.”


On many of the apps on the Google Play Store you can watch an intro video that shows how that app works.


It’s most common – and arguably most useful – when it comes to games. Just click on the app you’re interested in, and look for the play icon at the very top of the app listing.


Press that play icon and see whether what the developer has to show you is of any interest.

No, the Google account can be set up for free. You have the option to add a credit card in order to pay for apps that require payment, however you do not need to add a credit card in order to set up an account and download and install free apps.

Once you set up a Google Account, you will be able to download free/paid apps from Google Play. Select Google Play from the available Apps already installed on the tablet (All Apps Icon). Then you can use the search field (magnifying glass icon) located on the top right corner in Google Play to search for apps or use the categories listed across the top. Once you find an app, select Install and then accept the terms to install. Once the App installs you will find it in your Home Screen.

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer games and apps from one tablet to another. What you can do is, sign in to your existing Google account that has your apps and games stored with the new/replacement tablet. Login to the Playstore and go to My Apps to reinstall the games and apps that you wish to have.

Insert your mini-SD card into the Table’s mini-SD card slot and then use a File Manager (which you will find on home screen). Then select USB to select the device that you just connected. You can connect a USB mass storage device into the USB port on the side of the unit. In order to connect a USB storage device you may need a mini-USB adapter. You will be notified that the USBMassStorage is prepared once it is connected. You can access the media on your USB storage device by selecting a File Explorer (or another App what you can download from Google Play) and select the media you want to play.

To remove an app from your Home Screen simply touch and hold the App, then you will see an X on the left side of the screen. Simply drag the app to the X and the App will be removed from the Home Screen. Remember that this does not uninstall the app, it only removes it from your Home Screen. You can still access the App by touching the All Apps icon located on the righthand side of your screen.

The simplest way to set the Time and Date is to use the Network Provided time. However if you wish to manually change the date and time then you can go into the Settings options and on the left side of the screen scroll down to Date and Time. Select Date and Time and then deselect the Automatic date and time checkbox. Then you will be able to select the Set Date and Set Time icons located below the Automatic Date and Time Setting.

You may have many other programs running in the background. You can close the programs and then continue using the app you want. If the app you are using requires some Internet connection, then make sure you are connected to the Internet or you have a good signal. Some apps do not require the Internet to function and if this is the case, then you can disconnect from the Internet to see if the apps function better.


Since your tablet is highly secured by your password, our customer service cannot access to it and change your password. We recommend you to try more possible passwords. If you cannot remember your correct password any way, you can factory reset your tablet. Please noted that factory reset will cause you lost all your personal data.


Please follow this instruction to factory reset your tablet: Download Factory Reset Guide





Please go to start screen, use the search icon on the upper right to search “office.” Then you will see an application called “Microsoft Office.” Click it. After you go through the process, you will have office 365 installed in your tablet. Please note that you need a Microsoft email account to successfully install office. If you don’t have one, please register one on www.hotmail.com. It is free.



  1. Make sure the tablet is fully charged
  2. Connect a regular USB keyboard via OTG cable to the NBW7800C
  3. Turn on the tablet, at the log in screen press the “Shift” key on the left side of your keyboard and hold it down,

NOTE: Continue to hold the Shift key down until the end of Step 7

  1. Wile holding down the Shift key, click on the tablets ON/OFF icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. A white options menu will open ,
  2. Wile holding down the Shift key, click Restart in the white option menu and a new window opens
  3. Wile holding down the Shift key, click Troubleshoot and the Troubleshoot window opens,
  4. Wile holding down the Shift key, click Reset PC.

Release the Shift Key on the keyboard. The screen will change colors for about a minute

  1. A blue screen will show up. The blue screen does not show a menu.
  2. Select (highlight) the first rectangle on the right and press Enter on the keyboard
  3. A blue screen will show up. The blue screen does not show a menu.
  4. Use the Up/Dwn keys on the keyboard and select the Top Arrow on the screen and press Enter on the keyboard
  5. A blue screen will show up. The blue screen does not show a menu.
  6. Select (highlight) the first rectangle on the right and press Enter on the keyboard
  7. The tablet will start to reset, the screen will show 5% and up. This can take about 5 minutes
  8. When finish, the screen goes black. Later a “Getting Ready” message will show and the screen will go black again. Unplug the USB OTG cable
  9. At the end of the Reset, the tablet will turn ON and prompt you to follow the setup menus.

If the tablet does not turn on by itself after 5 or 10 minutes, go ahead and turn it ON manually.


When battery power is running low, the power light will start flashing indicating that you need to recharge the keyboard.


Attach the long USB cable (included with this keyboard) to the short transfer cable (included with the tablet).

Connect the long USB cable to the keyboard’s USB port and the other end to the tablet.

NOTE: Tablet must be powered on to charge the keyboard (tablet power ON, keyboard power OFF). If battery level on the tablet is low, plug in AC power adapter to recharge.


To connect the Bluetooth keyboard to the tablet, follow these steps:


Turn the keyboard power switch to the ON position. The power indicator light will stay on for about five seconds, and then the indicator light will turn off.

Then press the “Connect” button, the Bluetooth indicator light will flash. The keyboard is now ready to connect to the tablet.

On the tablet, from the Start screen, go to the “Settings” menu (click the icon), then select “PC and devices”.

Select and set “Bluetooth”.

The tablet computer will automatically search for the available

Bluetooth keyboard device and show that it is “Ready to Pair” with the tablet. Select “Pair”.

Use the keyboard to enter the password code as displayed on screen.

The tablet will show “Connected” once the Bluetooth connection has been established.

NOTE: the instruction sheet of blue tooth keyboard is downloadable on the product page under download tab.



Make sure you have the proper cable connection between the tablet and external storage (such as a micro TF memory card, USB flash drive or USB hard drive).

When you plug in external storage, File Explorer will show a newly connected storage (just like a standard Windows PC) under the Devices and Drives section. Then you can view, copy, cut, paste, etc. files from that drive to other locations on the tablet. Here you can learn more about handling files and folders, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/files-folders-windows-explorer .


Please type these number on your screen with your keyboard then press enter. (You might not see what you just typed) These number will disappear, it means your keyboard is successfully connected.


Please check the quick use guide for bluetooth keyboard: Download Keyboard Manual



  1. Check if the wireless radio is on. See Wi-Fi setting.


  1. Try to get closer to the wireless access point or your Wifi router.


  1. Reset the wireless router if using a private network; open the browser to view the landing page if using a public network.


The signal strength is not strong enough. Move your tablet to a different location for better signal reception.

There are 3 main possible reasons for this problem: bad connection, improper temperature condition, damaged battery or adapter.

As for bad connection, user should:

Check all connectors to ensure proper connectivity.

Unplug the supplied AC power adapter from the wall and verify that the outlet is functioning.

Check all cable connections, plug the adapter back into the tablet, and then plug pack into the wall.

And for improper temperature condition, i.e. the tablet’s temperature is below 0 °C or higher than 35 °C, user should change the location and charge the battery in an ambient temperature between 0 °C to 35 °C.

And if the battery or adapter has been damaged, contact an authorized reseller to replace the battery or power adapter.

If the tablet is not in the range of a network it can connect to, the tablet continues to send out signals to locate a base station and drains the battery. So, just temporarily turn off the tablet, or move the tablet in range of a network it can connect to, or temporarily turn off the wireless connection on your tablet.

It may be because the battery is completely discharged. Charge the tablet for at least 4 hours, and then press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on the tablet.

  1. Reboot the tablet.
  2. If it still not works, try refreshing the system.
  3. If the problem remains unsettled, contact the vendor’s support service.

Software updates may have been downloaded in the background. Restart your tablet by swiping-in from the right edge of the display to access Charms and touch Settings→ Power→ Restart to restart the tablet.

Perhaps the screen is dirty, and sometimes the protective cover prevents the tablet from recognizing your inputs.

  1. Moisten a soft, lint free cloth with either water or a display cleaner, and wipe the surface of the tablet until it is clean. Do not allow water from the cloth to seep down to the tablet ports or buttons.
  2. Remove any protective covers from the touchscreen.

Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to perform a hard shut down.